Myrln Monday (4)

Myrln is gone, but his spirit remains with us in the power of his words, thanks to our daughter, who salvaged his collection of writings.
Myrln’s birthdate is this Thursday. He would have been 71.

Poem for My Birthday
Through years
— with seeds my own, some received before, some given later —
I planted myself:
a feeling there, a thought,
a sense of what might be, was, seemed to be,
a tear, a laugh, angry shouts and happy,
whispers, a reaching, holding, letting go, loving,
some hiding, fear, joy, longing,
of pain, risk, uncertainy, determination,
bit by bit
seeding through the years.

And making my garden of word and heart:
some parts stillgrown,
others modest,
and a few full flourished,
all being the what why where
whole of me.

may ’03

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