in memory of myrln

My once-husband was my Monday guest blogger, Myrln (AKA William A. Frankonis), who passed away lalst Thursday. In honor of his memory, our daughter asked me to post the following, which she found in his extensive files of his own writings. He doesn’t have to be here to be here.

Lessons from the Wonderground: a Father to his Children

Try not to hurt anyone, which includes yourself.

Try to make yourself whole, knowing all the while that’s a lifelong process.

Be true to yourself, whatever that is at the time, for like everything else, your self changes.

Speak out against wrong, however you define it and no matter who is the culprit.

Honor children and always listen carefully to them; they are all smarter than we credit them and beyond you, they may have no voice but yours.

Find and honor all the wonder in all of Nature and in all of yourself, and reconnect, for you, too, are a part of Nature.

Keep close to family, blood or otherwise, for you are, and always will be part of each other.

Remember the dead in your heart, but honor life and the living with your time and attention because afterwards it is too late.

Laugh often, cry as necessary, fear what should be feared, love deeply, hurt when there’s pain, be courageous, know the holy value of breathing and of everything else that makes up living.

Find and regularly visit the stillness at the heart of life.
I love you dad.

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