four-day earworm

A song from the fifties, I think, keeps running through my head. It’s been there for almost a week now. I can’t find it anywhere on the net, but, of course, I don’t know the actual title. I remember the first line and the tune.
“You’re my first love, and you’ll be my last love….”
Any of you who remember the fifties know that song?
ADDENDUM: Thanks to Cora, who left a comment, I now know that the song is “Soldier Boy” by the Shirelles — which is appropriate, since I met Bill just after he got out of the army and returned to the college where I was also a student.

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  1. Are you thinking of Soldier Boy by the Shirelles? That’s what I remember like that.

    My heartfelt condolences to your family on William’s passing. Peace.

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