just a clot of nirvana

I got linked to this from a newsletter I get, and I’m sharing it here because it is a description, by a brain scientist, of the kind of experience she had that others might attribute to sensing “god.”
Still others, back in the days of “dropping acid,” often described something similar.
And others, yet, tried to achieve it through Transcendental Meditation.
It’s not in the mind; it’s in the brain.
Listen in as brain scientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor tells of the spiritual experience she had during her own stroke. This euphoric experience transcends all formal religions and has been pointed to by quantum physics for years. Watch the video.
from here:

….she was conscious as she lost the left half of her brain. She remembers the day clearly, when she eventually curled up into a ball and expected to die. “I was shocked when I awoke later,” said Taylor,… [snip] “I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t understand language. I lost all recollection of my life and lost all perception of my physical presence — I was at one with the universe.

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