1 thought on “a vernal wish

  1. And autumnal wishes to you, Elaine, from those of us who’ve slid to the bottom of the world…

    It’s going to be 28 (83) today and I’m headed for the coast and the cliffs…but there is a nip in the air — I think.

    I did a staff demotivator (www.despair.com) some time ago wherein I noted that, with age, sunsets take on more meaning than do sunrises. That, of course, is crap but the underlying sentiment was that, with age, everything from the celestial cycles to the rocks and matter they circle have taken on far more importance to me.

    Our planet gives us life, and is due reverence. We’ve problems, and there are no easy answers, but these problems shouldn’t detract from our awe of all that is about us.

    So Defender of All Things, here’s lookin’ at you and may we have many more moments from the mountain…

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