Hillary be damned

I think that Hillary Clinton would be damned by public opinion no matter how she ran her campaign. If she had Barack’s eloquence, charm, and public persona, she would have been damned for being to theatrical, too smooth, not tough enough etc. etc. Oh yes, she’s made too many mistakes in her campaign, but I don’t think that’s the reason there’s so much animosity toward her.
Many American’s love the idea of good vs. evil, the bad vs. the good, and they’ve been handed a perfect opportunity to set up a METAPHORICAL (not racial) black vs. white battle. No grays here (except creeping in on Hillary’s battered head.)
And, despite all of the backlash against Ferraro, I believe that if a white male with Barack’s change agenda AND LACK OF EXPERIENCE were running, he wouldn’t have made it this far.
Oh, wait a minute. A white male with Barack’s change agenda AND CONSIDERABLE EXPERIENCE was running and didn’t make it.
Perhaps what it all just means is the time is right for someone like Barack — a moving, persuasive orator, a symbol of radical change from the status quo (symbolized by his bi-racial ethnicity), someone from a new generation who appeals to the new generation. If he could be canonized by us liberals, he would be called Saint Barack, patron saint of idealists.
So often, timing is everything. And, as we saw on Ellen, Barack’s got the timing down pat.
And late middle-aged, thick waisted, experienced, tough broad Hillary be damned.
But not by me.

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  1. Elaine, I appreciate your support of Hillary and I do agree that there is no small amount of unreasonable animosity towards her. Indeed, I first discovered that three years ago when I began blogging. I could not believe how many bloggers were hateful towards her.

    I first heard Obama speak at my son’s graduation in 2006 and his words struck a chord deep within me. I have been his supporter ever since. This post that I have written here has to do with the way I have been attacked and then shunned by a newly acquired friend – who is an ardent feminist – because I am supporting Obama. And her public attacks and then subsequent abandonment of our friendship came at a time that I see and hear such divisive, outrageous tactics from the Clinton campaign. So, I took Hillary personally – instead of my friend. I got caught up in all of it.

    This morning I watchd a clip of Obama in Indiana.

    His words calmed me and reminded me of why I am supporting him. And here is why I am supporting him: Because he has the wisdom to pull us all back and remind us about what needs to happen to heal this country. He doesn’t seem as frenzied and hysterical about winning. He seems to pull out from within me a long lost idealism – drives away anger and hatred and … yes, dare I say it … gives me hope that it could get better.

    Margaret Thatcher has “experience” – as does John McCain (as Hillary said). “Experience” isn’t the argument that convinces me. As a Director of a Child Care Center, I witnessed many teachers with experience doing awful things with children. Fresh, new blood type teachers were often bright and brilliant with children.

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