walking widdershins

Sometimes, if my mother naps in the afternoon, I try to get outside a walk a bit. Only I can’t go out of earshot, because if she wakes up and can’t find me, she’ll spiral down into one of her dementia episodes.
So, like a prisoner let out into the prison yard, I walk in circles around the open area outside the front of the house. I go out in between snowstorms, when most of the snow has melted. I leave my footprints in the mud of now, rather than in the sands of time.
I find that I prefer to walk “widdershins,” which is, in the rituals of myth and magic, counter clockwise. And which, if done while chanting an incantation, is supposed to generate productive energy.
What should I chant, I think, as I pace around my imprisoned yard. “Freedom!” If only.
Meanwhile, it’s March and there’s still a good deal of snow on the ground. Inside, the seeds I planted have already sprouted. I thought it would take a month. Now I have to transplant them all into pots and figure out where to put them. The windowsill is not an option. The cold radiating in would wipe out the whole crop. Sometimes my timing really sucks.

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  1. forgive the cheesy symbolism, but – think of the talisman you gave me as a seed you planted. it’s showing some shoots, like a wimpy little crocus. who knows what will happen next. the doubt is kind of exciting.

    meaning, i may be on a path toward something.

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