for the first time I contribute
to a presidential campaign

I have never contributed money to the campaign of a presidential hopeful, but after hearing Ann Coulter and Elizabeth Edwards on Hardball, I sent money into the Edwards campaign.
John as president and Elizabeth as First Lady — First Woman, really! What a woman! Assertive, thoughtful, caring, and intelligent. And she was smart enough to choose John Edwards as a mate.
Now, Ann Coulter is the opposite of Elizabeth Edwards. Can you imagine HER as a First Lady. OMG! There are those who are not even sure she’s got what it takes to be a woman! Good for you, Coulter, you got me to do what I’ve never done before.
Wouldn’t I like to see a female as president? Sure! But there’s no woman in the running who I think would be better than John Edwards as a brilliant and charismatic and statesmanlike leader of this ailing country — a president who would make every effort to put leadership before politics. I thought Bill Clinton was a very good leader and statesman. I don’t dislike Hillary. But I think Edwards would do a better job.
Edwards is on Hardball tonight, responding to Coulter’s evil idiocy.
ADDENDUM: As heard tonight on Hardball:

Ann Coulter: the Anna Nicole Smith of Politics

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to a presidential campaign

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