Photo With Red Raincoat
You stopped me, solitary,
half-way across the rain-slick bridge
— a moving figure locked into perspective
at the clear convergence of edges.
My red raincoat ripped a flowing wound
into the starkness of that day,
forced fire from the dulled planks
into the simple symmetry
of the steep reach between us.
I waited for you on that bridge,
waited for you to focus
on my place in the picture,
on my burning presence,
the unavoidable point of it all.
Now, I see with your eye
those peculiarities of misty space,
the risky walk over water
deceiving in directness,
the call toward an unfamiliar landscape,
the disturbance of that sharp
red breach in the bridge.
© Elaine Frankonis, 1991

1 thought on “remembering

  1. Dear Elaine,
    I found your blog occasionaly when I searched “This Was Once a Love Poem” by Jane Hirshfield last week.I like the two poems you written very much. It’s amazing of you to have such imagination and energy. And I think your poetic langauge is pituresque and beautiful. I am really so fond of the poems, I have translated them into Chinese and posted them onto my blog with one of your picture I found on some web. I wish this will not offend you. If you think it’s not proper, I will delete the picture. I am very sorry for my boldness.
    Best regards,

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