Mag #234

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Mag #234

Starry Night by Alex Ruiz

Starry Night by Alex Ruiz

The artist alone knows
the possibilities of sky.

He stands in open meadow,
in night’s cold moments
and conjures what only
the gods see.

He molds with his hands
the magic of stars unbound
from man’s small view
and unleashes dreams
that will haunt even
the sadness of song.

9 thoughts on “Mag #234

  1. Hi there “Crafty Lady”…and you certainly can write, too! The artist alone knows–yes, I see an artist in a park or in the woods, I wonder what she/he is conjuring, what God is “seeing”, what I am missing.

    So we each do what we do. And you do yours well.

  2. Ah yes, lovely words, and even in a song sung sad, there is that one flicker waiting to burn evermore.

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