The Crafty Side of Kalilily

I started knitting as a kid, and since then I have probably thrown away more failed projects than I have kept successful ones. I am more a “process” knitter than a “product” one, although I do enjoy having a product every once in a while. I often have several products “in process,” just to keep life interesting.

I learned how to sew when I was pregnant with my daughter. Like with most of my crafty work, I am self taught and rely on trial and error. It’s all part of the process.

2 thoughts on “The Crafty Side of Kalilily

  1. Hi Elaine,
    I think it was you who wrote about sewing a panel inside a tee shirt so you could wear it without a bra, could you show me an example of how you did this?

  2. Help! I tried to leave a comment after your last post, but couldn’t find the link (or button). So I’ll leave it here, since I do want to connect with you, and keep reading your blog. I’ve subscribed. That part was easy! I do enjoy your writing.

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